Foreign Policy


  • Promoting the establishment of a pluralistic democracy based on market economy and the rule of law; 
  • Implementing an independent foreign policy that aims to restore Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty; 
  • Eliminating the consequences of Armenia's military aggression against Azerbaijan;
  • Eliminating the threats and risks to Azerbaijan's security, political independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity; 
  • Promoting security and stability in the region; 
  • Developing good-neighborly relations with neighboring countries; 
  • Preventing the transfer of illegal weapons in the region; 
  • Demilitarization of the Caspian Sea; 
  • Commitment to the existing global non-proliferation regime; 
  • Strengthening Azerbaijan’s integration into the European and transatlantic security and cooperation structures; 
  • Establishing the Eurasian Transport Corridor. 


On October 24, 2011, Azerbaijan was elected a member of the United Nations Security Council for the first time in its history after winning the vacancy on the world’s most powerful body during voting in New York. 

Thus, Azerbaijan was the first among not only the regional states, but also all 12 post-Soviet states, which were admitted to the United Nations in 1992, to be elected to the Security Council. 

Azerbaijan claimed the non-permanent seat, awarded to an Eastern European country, on the 17th round of balloting after it scored support from 155 U.N. Member States in the General Assembly – well clear of the necessary two-thirds majority of States present and voting. 

As a member of the Security Council, Azerbaijan was fully committed to the maintenance of international peace and security and to making the Security Council more representative, transparent and efficient organ so that it could address effectively the full range of challenges and threats confronting our world. 

During the entire month of May 2012, and October 2013 Azerbaijan served as President of the Security Council. On May 4, 2012, President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan chaired a conference of the Council dedicated to global counterterrorism efforts.


Consulate General

The opening of the Consulate General of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Los Angeles and Western States was a significant milestone in the rapidly developing bilateral ties between the United States and more...

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