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Flora and Fauna

The flora and fauna of Azerbaijan are extremely diverse. With more than 4,200 plant species, the country offers an impressive range of brightly colored vegetation. There is a wealth of mountain grasses, forests and alpine xerophytes. Olive, mulberry, pomegranate, cornelian cherry and plane trees abound. Azerbaijan is home to 125 plant families, which represents 80% of all those found in the Caucasus. Included among the country’s most unique and valuable plants are the Eldar pine, which has withstood the climate changes of the past 13 million years, the iron tree and the boxwood tree. 

Azerbaijan’s fauna is no less abundant. It has 607 animal species, including 102 different mammals such as mountain goats, Persian leopards, goitered gazelles, red deer, roe deer, wild boar, Old World porcupines, bears, hyenas, squirrels, wildcats, etc. 

One of the most admired animals in Azerbaijan is the Karabakh horse, which has been in demand for centuries for its speed, elegance, intelligence and temperament, not only in Azerbaijan but all over the world. 

Azerbaijan’s flora and fauna are protected in 8 national parks, 12 national nature reserves and 17 game reserves.


Consulate General

The opening of the Consulate General of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Los Angeles and Western States was a significant milestone in the rapidly developing bilateral ties between the United States and more...

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