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Mud Volcanoes

Azerbaijan’s mud volcanoes are a unique natural phenomenon. Almost 400 of the world’s 800 mud volcanoes are located in Azerbaijan, but with respect to their number, variety and activity the Azerbaijani mud volcanoes are extraordinary. 

At 410 m Torağay in the south of Qobustan is not only the largest mud volcano in the Caucasus but in the entire world. The Qoturdağ volcano is the world’s only mud volcano that has continued to erupt at regular intervals over a period of many years. 

From time to time new islands emerge from the Caspian Sea as a result of the underwater activities of the mud volcanoes and the sea hides many mud volcano cones. Some islands of the Bakı Archipelago – Xəzər-Zirə, Zənbil, Qarasu, Gil, Səngi-Muğan, Çigmil and more – are of volcanic origin. 

Volcanic mud is rich in macro- and micro-elements and has great therapeutic effect on certain disorders of the central nervous system, as well as on some gynecological and other ailments. The mud pools contain highly effective therapeutic substances such as bromine, magnesium and iodine. Volcanic mud is also used for the manufacture of cosmetic products. 

Watch a short video on mud volcanoes: 


Consulate General

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