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Address: 11766 Wilshire Boulevard,
Suite 1410, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Tel: +(1) 310 444-9101
Fax: +(1) 310 477-4860
Email: office@azconsulatela.org

Passport Issues

Pasport Meseleleri (in Azerbaijani)

Qayidis Sahadetnamesi (in Azerbaijani)

Information and documents to be submitted to the Consulate General for passport processing:

  • Original of passport, and a copy of passport pages (3 copies of vital pages) and also a notarized copy of social security and green cards or action notices where applicable. If the documents are submitting in person no need notarization procedures;
  • Application form to be filled out in two originals, only in Azerbaijani (please see the ABC file in Forms link) be signed by the applicant (in the section 1.9 and 16);
  • Request letter drawn in handwriting only;
  • 4 passport-sized photos;
  • Blood test if you are going to change your old (read USSR) passport or the first passport application you have applied;
  • Regsitration form to be filled out in one original, in the Azerbaijani. Please note, do not sign the Registration form.
  • if you are going to put the names of your children please contact to the consular section;
  • 55$ Money Order payable to the Consulate General of Azerbaijan;
  • 40 AZM (as amended by the law of November 28, 2006) fee for passport issue to be wired to the following address:
Beneficiary name: Treasury Department of Central Government Organizations (MOXI)
Beneficiary address: 67 Nizami Str., Baku, AZ1005
Account number of receiving bank: COR 328518 USD 3211-01
Receiving bank SWIFT Code: IBAZAZ2X.
Receiving bank name: International Bank of Azerbaijan, Head Office -Baku
Type of currency: Equivalent of AZN in USD

Please print the abovementioned information out before you stop by at your local bank representative and make sure you filled in all fields in wire transfer application correctly.

Please be advised, some US banks may charge additional fees for international wire transfer. We encourage you to make money transfer only with a bank where you have a bank account. For your information, if you have a bank account with Washington Mutual, you can make transfer for free at any WAMU branch, or at any other bank waiving international transfer fee, otherwise additional fees will be applied.

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