Azerbaijani Language

The Azerbaijani language belongs to the southwestern Oghuz subgroup of the Turkic language family. It is the official language of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the means of communication for more than 9.1 million people in the country. Beyond the borders of Azerbaijan itself, it is also spoken by around 25 million people in Iran as well as by several million Azerbaijanis in Turkey, Russia, Europe and the United States. The number of native speakers of Azerbaijani is estimated at a total of 40 million. The roughly 2.5 million Iraqi Turkomans are largely regarded as speakers of Azerbaijani. Azerbaijani served as a lingua franca throughout most parts of South Caucasus, in Southern Dagestan, Eastern Turkey, and Iranian Azerbaijan from the 16th century to the early 20th century. 

The Azerbaijani alphabet of the Republic of Azerbaijan is a Latin alphabet used for writing the Azerbaijani language. This superseded previous versions based on Cyrillic and Arabic scripts.

Getting Started in Azerbaijani 

Bəli  Yes  
Xeyr No 
Salam Good day! Hello!
Sabahınız xeyir! Good morning! 
Axşamınız xeyir! Good evening!
Necəsiniz? How are you? 
Yaxşıyam, sağ olun! I’m fine, thank you!
Təşəkkür edirəm! Thank you!
Çox sağ olun! Thanks a lot! 
Sağ olun! Goodbye! 
Gecəniz xeyirə qalsın! Good night!
Bağışlayın/Üzr istəyirəm Excuse me/I am sorry
Zəhmət olmazsa Please


Azerbaijani Proverbs

Sociolinguistically Speaking in Azerbaijani

Saying "Hello" in Azerbaijani

Saying Goodbye

Azerbaijani Latin Alphabet - Pronunciation (image below)


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