Statements and Reports by U.S. Administrations

“The actions taken by the government of Armenia in the context of the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh are inconsistent with the territorial integrity and national sovereignty principles of the Helsinki Final Act. Armenia supports Nagorno-Karabakh separatists in Azerbaijan both militarily and financially. Nagorno-Karabakh forces, assisted by units of the Armenian armed forces, currently occupy the Nagorno-Karabakh region and surrounding areas in Azerbaijan. This violation and the restoration of peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan have been taken up by the OSCE.” 

William J. Clinton 
President of the United States of America 

(Source: Presidential Determination (PD) PD No. 98-11 of January 26, 1998 and No. 99-8 of December 8, 1998, Memorandum for the Secretary of State, Re: “Assistance Program for the New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union”) 

“America strongly supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. We are committed to achieving a negotiated solution to the Nagorno–Karabakh conflict – a solution that starts with the principle of territorial integrity, and takes into account other international principles.” 

Richard “Dick” Cheney 
Vice President the United States of America

(Source: Remarks by the Vice President, The White House, Office of the Vice President, September 3, 2008) 

“As a result of the continuing conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenian military forces occupy a portion of the territory of Azerbaijan.” 

Department of State 
Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs

(Source: “U.S. Government Assistance to and Cooperative Activities with Eurasia -FY 2003”, January 2004) 

“By October 1993, Armenian and Karabakhi forces controlled almost all of Nagorno-Karabakh, Lachin, and large adjacent areas in southwestern Azerbaijan. As Armenian and Karabakhi forces advanced, hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijani refugees fled to other parts of Azerbaijan. In 1993, the UN Security Council adopted resolutions calling for the cessation of hostilities, unimpeded access for international humanitarian relief efforts, and the eventual deployment of a peacekeeping force in the region. The UN also called for immediate withdrawal of all occupying forces from the occupied areas of Azerbaijan.” 

Department of State 
Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs 

(Source: “Background Note: Azerbaijan”, June 17, 2011) 


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